XBT Client Command Line Interface

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XBT Client Command Line Interface is a frontend for XBT Client Backend.

Installing under Linux

Enter the following commands in a terminal. Be patient while g++ is running, it'll take a few minutes.
svn co https://xbtt.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/xbtt/trunk/xbt
cd Client\ Command\ Line\ Interface


./xbt_client_cli close <info_hash>
./xbt_client_cli erase <info_hash>
./xbt_client_cli pause <info_hash>
./xbt_client_cli peer_port <port>
./xbt_client_cli queue <info_hash>
./xbt_client_cli start <info_hash>
./xbt_client_cli stop <info_hash>
./xbt_client_cli tracker_port <port>
./xbt_client_cli upload_rate <rate>
./xbt_client_cli upload_slots <slots>
./xbt_client_cli user_agent <user_agent>
./xbt_client_cli options
./xbt_client_cli status

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