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XBT Client is a BitTorrent client written in C++. It's designed to offer high performance while consuming little resources (CPU and RAM).


Installing under Windows

  1. Download XBT Client from http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=94951&package_id=113736.
  2. Run the executable.
  3. Start the client via the start menu (Start - Programs - XBT Client) or by double-clicking on a torrent.


The SHA1 hash of the info key of the torrent.
Percentage complete
Bytes left
Bytes downloaded since torrent was opened
Bytes uploaded
Down rate
Download rate
Up rate
Uploaded rate
The number of leechers you're connected too. If it's shown as # / #, the second number is the total number of leechers reported by the tracker.
The number of seeders you're connected too.
The state of this torrent. It can be running or sleeping. If it's sleeping, the tracker won't be contacted and pieces won't be send or received.
The filename of this torrent. It's stored in \Documents and Settings\*\My Documents\XBT\Incompletes\

The IP address of this peer.
The port.
Percentage complete. This might not be accurate for newer clients.
Bytes left
Bytes downloaded
Bytes uploaded
Down rate
Download rate
Up rate
Upload rate
The direction of this link. L for locally initiated connections and R for remotely initated connections. If after an hour no Rs appear, you might want to open a port if your firewall or router.
Local Choked
No pieces will be send to this peer.
Local Interested
You'd like to have some pieces of this peer.
Remote Choked
This peer will not send pieces to you.
Remote Interested
This peer would like to have some pieces from you.
Peer ID
The peer ID of this peer.

RAM usage
Less than 4 mbyte is being used right after startup of the client.
VM usage
Less than 1 mbyte is being used.

This will open \Documents and Settings\*\My Documents\XBT\Incompletes\ in Windows Explorer.
This will show the files inside this torrent and allow you to change the priorities of individual files.
This will send an extra announce to the tracker. Use this will care, as tracker bandwiddh is expensive.
This will change the state of the torrent to running.
This will change the state of the torrent to sleeping.
Copy URL
Paste URL
This will allow you to open a new torrent. Another way to open a torrent is to double-click on it in Windows Explorer or to drag- and drop it from Windows Explorer to XBT Client.
This will close a torrent.
This will show the options of this client.
This will allow you to enter usernames and passwords for trackers that require UDP authentication.

Admin port
The TCP port for administrators. On localhost, you can connect to this port with a web browser to view some status information.
Peer port
The TCP port for peers. Be sure to open this port in your firewall or router, otherwise other peers will have trouble to connect to you and your download rates will be lower.
Public IP address
Your public IP address. This is only required if you're running a tracker.
Upload rate
The upload rate limit. At most this number of bytes is send every second. Set this to a few kbyte below your connection speed.
Upload slots
The number of upload slots. At most this number of peers will be unchoked at once.
Seeding ratio
The seeding ratio limit. After you've uploaded more than limit * torrent size, the state will be changed to sleeping.
Files location
The location where downloads will be saved.
Tracker port
The UDP port for the tracker.
Peer limit
The peer limit. Use this limit if your firewall, router or operating system can't handle many open TCP connections.
Ask for location
When enabled, you'll be asked for a location where the download will be saved.
End mode
Use this if your download is 'stuck' at 99 % and you're out of patience.
Lower process priority
If the client uses too much CPU time, enable this option.
Show tray icon
If this option is enabled, you can minimize the client to the tray by pressing the Escape key. If it's disabled, the client will be minimized to the task bar.
Show advanced columns
This will show the columns Hash, Host and Port in the main window.
Start minimized
This will start the client in the minimized state.

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